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Specializing in franchising, I’m here to help you develop all aspects of your business from sales and marketing to site selection, lease negotiation, training and beyond! 

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Do I Need a Business Consultant?

What is Business Consulting?

Business consulting is the simple act of leveraging a trusted advisor to help you solve a problem. Whether that problem is impacting your business negatively or you’ve hit a growth phase that is putting new pressure on you, consulting could be a perfect solution for you.

How Do I Know if Business Consulting Is Right for Me?

Business owners of all levels of maturity may potentially be great candidates for consulting services. Request more info or book a call with me, I don’t charge for our initial session.

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

No! One of my greatest joys is helping entrepreneurs avoid early mistakes. Your business maturity is only one factor into why you may benefit from engaging with a consultant.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

I offer both project-based consulting work and monthly retainer services. Before we formally engage, we will do an exploratory call to see how I can best assist your company. I use that as an opportunity to ask questions and learn about your needs and build my proposal for you around that conversation. I do not charge for our initial session.

Do You Invest In Startup Companies?

I’m always open to discussing investment opportunities. I have access to a network of people beyond myself who are long-time entrepreneurs, investors and more.

About Frank

Business & Franchise Consultant

I am an independent consultant specializing in franchised businesses, but I’m certainly not limited to only working with franchisors or franchisees. My experience includes owning and operating franchised small group fitness centers as well as working as an executive within that franchise brand. I have worked with franchisors of concepts across different industries including fitness, entertainment, brick and mortar food, mobile food trucks, environmental/drainage, janitorial and more.

I always begin with an exploratory call to determine your needs and build a proposal around how I can most immediately and substantially make a positive impact on your business.

I have a particularly strong passion for working with new entrepreneurs and brands helping them avoid pitfalls and set themselves up for long-term success.

Brands I’ve Worked With

“One of Frank’s best attributes is his ability to listen, interpret and create tools that you didn’t even know that you needed.”

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